Likely due to the face masking requirements and other restrictions adopted by the City of Rehoboth, we have observed a substantial increase in the number of non-residents using the North Shores beach.  Accordingly, as a temporary measure, the Board will require all beach guests (owners, renters and visitors) to show their pool pass, or provide their name and North Shores address to the beach ambassadors located at the entrance of each crossover.  The beach ambassador will check the name against the community and vacation rental directory. Unregistered visitors and renters will not be admitted to the beach and will need to consult with the relevant homeowner.

Construction Permit Comment Period


It is resolved that—

Copies of preliminary site plans, submitted for approval to the Board, will be distributed, immediately upon receipt by theoffice, to the contiguous neighbors (in front, behind, and each side, if applicable), with notice of a 2 week comment period, and that the Board will await the expiration of the 2 week period before voting, in order to consider any comments received.

Be it further resolved that—

Properties for which site plans have been filed will be listed on the NSBG website page listed “Construction Notices.”

By the order of the North Shores Board of Governors:
November 18, 2006